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2014-01-14: Getting the new year off right with a big review. Head over to the reviews section to see what Nick and Mason had to say about the fourth album from prog supergroup Transatlantic, Kaleidoscope!

2014-01-08: Thanks to everyone who tuned in tonight for our 2013 year end spectacular! Hope you enjoyed the look back on the year. If you missed the chance to hear the 2014 intro medley, and would like to hear it, you can do so here. Looking forward to seeing everyone throughout the new year.

2014-01-06: Happy new years everyone! The results of the 2013 album of the year poll are in, so congratulations to MindMaze as their debut album, Mask of Lies is this years winner! The album will be featured in our year end wrap show on January 8th, from 6-10pm. For more results from the poll visit The Best of 2013 page.

2013-12-29: Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season! With the year wrapping up it's time for The Best of 2013! Go check out what albums and musicians Nick and Mason found to be the standout stars of the year!

Also, please remember to vote in the album of the year poll here. Voting will close January 5th at 11pm EST, and the winning album will be featured in our year end wrap-up spectacular show on January 8th. The show will have an extended run time from 6-10pm EST!

2013-12-03: The holidays and the end of the year are upon us and there is news on both fronts. Firstly, our year end album of the year poll is now live here! Go vote for your favorite studio album from the year. As always the winner will get extended play during our year end wrap up spectacular! Unfortunately this year Christmas and New Years Day both fall on Wednesdays, so this should will happen when we return on January 8th, 2014. As always it will be an extended show and feature only releases from 2013.

2013-10-16: Nick's recent interview with Roine Stolt is now online! Head over to the interview section to see what Roine had to say about the upcoming Flower Kings album Desolation Rose, and of course some talk about Transatlantic.

2013-09-25: Thanks to everyone who turned up tonight after long and unfortunate hiatus. The show celebrated the release of Dream Theater's self titled album and was a huge success! Look for more of these types of shows in the future!

2013-08-27: Some quick scheduling notes. There will be no show on September 11th, September 18th, October 2nd, November 27th, or February 19th. Unfortunately a slew of vacations, business trips, concerts and other events are hoping up on Wednesdays the next few months.

On the bright side of thing we're looking for a very special show on September 25th after missing the two September shows. The show will be centered around Dream Theater and their new self-titled album. The show will only feature music from Dream Theater and the bands current members other endeavors.

2013-08-17: Nick's recent interview with Ted Leonard is now online! Head over to the interview section to see what Ted had to say about the myriad of music projects over the past few years including Enchant, Spock's Beard, Thought Chamber and Affector.

2013-08-13: Two new reviews are now online! First up is Mason's review of the forthcoming Haken album The Mountain. In addition to the new album the band has also recently been announced to perform at Progressive Nation 2014.

Next up is Nick's review of the new Fates Warning album, Darkness in a Different Light. A lot of fans have been waiting a long time for this album, and we here were no exception! Check out the reviews section to get the scoop on both albums.

2013-08-09: Long time show favorites Haken are preparing to release their third album The Mountain via InsideOut Music in September. Lead vocalist Ross Jennings was kind enough to share some thoughts about the new album in a 14 minute interview. Head over to the interviews section to check it out!

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Lee Abraham - Tomorrow Will Be Yesterday
Geddy Lee - My Favorite Headache
Victor - Promise
Rush - Mystic Rhythm
Karmakanic - Send a Message From the Heart
Mystery - As I Am~
United Progressive Fraternity - Religions of War
Enchant - Deserve to Feel
Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Finale
-Back to a Reason, Pt. 2
-Christmas Bells, Carousels & Time
-What Child is This?
-O' Come All Ye Faithful
-Christmas Canon Rock